“IL GLOBO-Real Estate, Italy”  offers a wide range of retail estate dealing services.  Our distinguishing quality is individual approach to every client based on their needs and requirements.  Our extensive expertise  and experience  with international corporate and retail clients will ensure your wishes become reality. 

The main steps in real estate transaction lifecycle are as follows:

1. Discovery.

We will create a detailed property profile that suits your needs.  It is likely that your ideal real estate is already  in our portfolio. However, if our solutions  do not meet your requirements completely, we will start searching for the required property immediately through various partner channels and direct contacts of real estate and project owners .

Our Strengths Are:

  • We are based in the same area as the premises  we specialize in and have numerous direct contacts with real estate and project owners
  • Only our company can offer you real estate of different budget and style on the exclusive basis, which means that other real estate agencies in the area will not offer you the same deal
  • As a result,  we can find you the desired property for the better price and in a short period of time.

2. Viewing.

One you have made your selection of properties that appeal to you via e-mail or directly in our office, we will organize the viewing of the premises at the time most convenient for you and free of charge.  Our experts will help you in making the decision and will consider all your priorities and requirements.  We will provide you with assessment of the property’s condition, its location with regards to the nearest shops, public transport, schools, landmarks and other local facilities.

3. The formation of Sale and Purchase Transaction.

Our specialists will draft the preliminary property acquisition tender in Italian as well as the language of Buyer, compliant with all relevant regulations. We guarantee you the best terms of transaction, like:

  • The value of the selected real estate
  • Payment terms – deposit and the following installments
  • Notary services
  •  Detailed description of real estate including floor plans
  • Optimal  schedule for realization of agreement terms followed by insurance and juridical accompaniment.

Once the Buyer accepts your proposal for the property acquisition, our experts will be your attorneys throughout the entire transaction process until the final closure of the deal by associated notary, and will assist in:

  • The arrangement of the individual tax number (codice fiscale)
  • Opening of the local bank account
  • Agreement of terms and conditions for mortgage loans where it is included in the contract
  • The registration of  the preliminary agreement,
  • Coordination of the final value of the given real estate and fixing the date for the transaction arrangement.

Our highly qualifies auditors, lawyers, and design-and-planning engineers  will carry out a complete survey of the obtained property,  both technical and administrative to ensure that the acquired property conforms to all expected requirements.

Following the completion of the real estate acquisition contract, in accordance with the Italian legislation, the notary must verify the certificate of the proprietorship for the asset put for sale and its clean title.

4. Additional services.

During the acquisition process as well as after the transaction execution our company offers you the following services:

  • Architect services for the engineering of the outside and indoor space
  • Designer services to select the most appropriate redecorating project for your property taking into account the premises specifics, including furniture and decorative items (tile, parquet, doors,  plumbing and wiring alarm systems, and landscaping services);

In addition, we offer:

  • Preparation of agreements and utility bills payment schedule set up to ensure these are paid on time (for electricity, gas, water consumption), tax on garbage, ect
  • Submission of documents for the official registration of the new property owner in local municipality
  • Provision of info on in-time repayments of estate tax (IMU), light, gas, tax on garbage (TARSU), insurance on property , security  with no extra expenses from your side
  • Managing and maintenance of real estate in the period of your absence
  • Different types of problem solving.

You can count on us before, during, and after the transaction period!

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