Valsolda - tratt. riservata - Rif. 665
Appartamento in VENDITA

LAKE LUGANO VALSOLDA - THREE BEDROOMS HOUSE, independent property with about 200sqm of surface.Spectacular view lake, living room, dinner room, kitchen, corridor, laundry, one garage for car.Two very nice terraces and barbecù.10 minute drive for Lugano CH.Call us at +39...

200 mq
Valsolda - tratt. riservata - Rif. 664
Appartamento in VENDITA

LAKE LUGANO - VALSOLDATWO BEDROOMS APARTMENT FRONT LAKE WITH with private boatplace, furniture included!Immediately availableCall us for more info +39 393 9776981CLASSE ENERGETICA: G (D.M. 26/06/2015)...

100 mq
Valsolda - tratt. riservata - Rif. 686
Appartamento in VENDITA

LAKE LUGANO -VALSOLDA area, apartment with private boiler, 85sqm on the ground floor with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with the bathtub, corridor, living room with kitchen, covered porch and private garden on 3 sides. From the garden there is the...

125 mq
Valsolda - € 237.000 - Rif. 710
Appartamento in VENDITA

VALSOLDA - Very nice apartment with 1 bedroom and with 1 bathroom, living room and kitchenette and a very nice covered terrace with 20sqm. Beautiful view lake !Furniture included on priceCALL US FOR INFORMATION +39 393.9776981CLASSE ENERGETICA: G (D.M. 26/06/2015)...

66 mq
Valsolda - € 650.000 - Rif. 712
Villa in VENDITA

LAKE LUGANO - VALSOLDA Very nice independent house with about 265sq.m. commercial surface and with 5 bedrooms ( 2double and 3 single room ), 3 bathrooms with bath and shower, 1 laundry, living room and kitchen ( furniture included on...

265 mq
Campione d'Italia - € 483.480 - Rif. 703-B
Appartamento in VENDITA

CAMPIONE DI ITALIA, 2-BEDROOM apartment completely renovated, bathroom, kitchen, terrace. Fully furnished. Private cellar included on the price, lift on common part. A part the covered parking at 45.000 chf CALL US AT +39-393-9776981CLASSE ENERGETICA: G (DL 192 del 19/08/05)INDICE...

80 mq
Menaggio - € 1.290.000 - Rif. 673
Villa in VENDITA

LAKE COMO, Amazing VILLA with 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, beautiful terrace with view lake 180° ! Garage for 2/3 cars and swimming pool.CALL US AT +39 393.9776981CLASSE ENERGETICA: A (DL 192 del 19/08/05)INDICE PRESTAZIONE ENERGETICA (IPE): Non indicato...

400 mq
Porlezza - € 430.000 - Rif. 709
Appartamento in VENDITA

PORLEZZA AREA - Very nice house with about 160m2 plus 315m2 garden. Two double-bed and two bedrooms, the living room, the kitchen and the dinner room. utility rooms like the laudry, the walk-in closet and the garage for two cars...

160 mq
Menaggio - € 150.000 - Rif. 435a
Appartamento in VENDITA

LAKE COMO - MENAGGIO close to GOLF Club - New Apartments with lift, terrace, balcony or private garden.Very good investment with price from euro 150.000 !!!CALL US AT +39 393 9776981CLASSE ENERGETICA: B (DL 192 del 19/08/05)INDICE PRESTAZIONE ENERGETICA (IPE)...

50 mq
Carlazzo - € 120.000 - Rif. T
Terreno edificabile in VENDITA

CARLAZZO-CORRIDO Very nice PLOT for building a 280sqm of Villa, beautiful view lake LuganoCALL US +39 393 9776981CLASSE ENERGETICA: Non indicata...

1400 mq
Menaggio - tratt. riservata - Rif. T
Terreno edificabile in VENDITA

LAKE COMO, MENAGGIO - Plot with about 1200sqm for building a villa with about 480mc ( cubic surface ). It is possible to build a villa with about of 200sqm plus a part service rooms. There is the view lake...

1200 mq
Valsolda - tratt. riservata - Rif. 706
Villa in VENDITA

LUGANO - Switzerland Fantastic Villa with about 500sqm, 5 bedrooms, covered pool, SPA, cinema, studio, 6 cars place !call us for more informartion +39 393-9776981CLASSE ENERGETICA: Non indicata...

525 mq
Campione d'Italia - tratt. riservata - Rif. 705
Appartamento in VENDITA

LUGANO, Switzerland - close to Campione d'Italia Italy, luxury apartment with 2 bedrooms (double), large living room, kitchen, bathrooms, utility rooms and terrace. Two private car place. Fully furnished.CALL US AT +39-393-9776981CLASSE ENERGETICA: A (DL 192 del 19/08/05)INDICE PRESTAZIONE ENERGETICA...

150 mq
Campione d'Italia - € 1.100.000 - Rif. 704-1
Appartamento in VENDITA

CAMPIONE DI ITALIA - Superb Apartment with 2 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large living room with kitchen, the walk-in closet and terrace. The view lake is fantastic. Furthmore there is the laundry on common part, the private cellar, the private...

150 mq
Menaggio - € 495.000 - Rif. 680-5
Appartamento in VENDITA

LAKE COMO, Close to Menaggio, near to the beach and the lake ( just 5 minute-walk), very nice apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2bathrooms, plus living room and kitchen. Also included the swimming pool on common part.Parking space and cellar...

133 mq
Porlezza - € 330.000 - Rif. 688
Appartamento in VENDITA

PORLEZZA - Apartment with 2 bedrooms plus 1 studio or single bedroom or a walk in-closet, 2 bathrooms, the kitchen and the living room. The private garden on three sides and the covered porch, the garage and the cellar. Energy...

110 mq
Valsolda - € 700.000 - Rif. 616
Villa in VENDITA

LAKE LUGANO, close to VALSOLDA Nice Villa with beautiful view lake, 3double bedrooms, 4bathrooms, kitchen, livingroom with fire place, laundry, wine room, pool, 25sqm covered porch, garage and car place for 2/3cars.IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLECALL US +39-393.9776981CLASSE ENERGETICA: F (D.M. 26/06/2015)...

250 mq
Cernobbio - tratt. riservata - Rif. 154
Villa in VENDITA

LAKE COMO, CERNOBBIO - VILLA with about 350sqm, lift, beautiful view lake and with about 2000sqm of garden. Villa with the entrance, 4 double bedrooms, living room with fire place and kicthen, laundry, cellar, bathrooms, big terrace, nice covered balcony...

350 mq
Como - € 645.000 - Rif. 696
Appartamento in VENDITA

COMO town - Nice Villa with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, walk-in closet, kitchen, living room and plus the tavern, other bathroom, boiler room and service room.IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE, CALL US +393939776981CLASSE ENERGETICA: F (DL 192 del 19/08/05)INDICE PRESTAZIONE ENERGETICA (IPE): 167.9800...

300 mq
Porlezza - € 250.000 - Rif. 692
Appartamento in VENDITA

PORLEZZA - frazione BEGNA - Very nice apartment with about 70m2+50m2 terrace, with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room and kitchen. Private cellar and private garage. View lake. Immediately available.CALL US +39 393-9776981CLASSE ENERGETICA: Non indicata...

90 mq
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