Campione d'Italia - tratt. riservata - Rif. 720
Appartamento in VENDITA

CAMPIONE DI ITALIA - 2-BEDROOM apartment with about 100m2 surface on third floor with lift, 2 balconies and fantastic view lake !Near to the lake ( 80mt ) and near to services ( autobus, bar, restaurant, beach etc...)CALL US FOR...

100 mq
Valsolda - € 385.000 - Rif. 752NOVITÀ
Appartamento in VENDITA

2-BEDROOM APARTMENT with fantastic view lake, 1 bathroom, the kitchen and living room, the terrace with garden (30m2)Private garage with about 25m2 and with privat cellar/laundry with about 9m2Fully furnished, floor heating, solar panel, lift, solarium and pool on common...

85 mq
Gravedona ed Uniti - € 522.000 - Rif. 751
Appartamento in VENDITA

5-MINUTE DRIVE TO GRAVEDONA, NICE VILLA close to the lake and the beach ( only 100 mt ), 3bedrooms, 3bathrooms and laundry, the kitchen and the livingroom. Very good finishes.CALL US AT +39 393 9776981CLASSE ENERGETICA: A+ (DL 192 del...

255 mq
Valsolda - € 1.900.000 - Rif. 262
Villa in VENDITA

LUGANO LAKE VALSOLDA - 3-BEDROOM VILLA with a very nice view lake, swimming pool, the flat garden, 4 bathrooms, the studio, the biliardo room, the cinema room, the laundry, the covered garage for 2 cars.Immediately available and with furniture CALL...

400 mq
Menaggio - € 1.330.000 - Rif. 721
Villa in VENDITA

4-BEDROOM Villa with the swimming pool, the sauna and the gym, a very good investment !On two levels this property has also a large garage for 3/4cars, it is possible to get to the Menaggio center and the beach in...

380 mq
Tremezzina - € 330.000 - Rif. 563
Appartamento in VENDITA

View lake apartment with 2 bedrooms, 2bathroom, laundry, kitchen and living room, garden-terrace, 2 private garage, private lift inside the house.CALL US AT +39 393 9776981CLASSE ENERGETICA: B (DL 192 del 19/08/05)INDICE PRESTAZIONE ENERGETICA (IPE): Non indicato...

142 mq
Menaggio - € 330.000 - Rif. 724
Appartamento in VENDITA

Very beautiful view on lake Como Apartment with about 80m2, 1 double bedroom, 1 main bathroom with the shower box, 1 laundry room, the living area and the kitchen, spacious private entrance hall, the private garden with the lake view...

80 mq
Menaggio - € 850.000 - Rif. 719
Villa in VENDITA

LAKE COMO - 3-BEDROOM Villa in tremezzina, wonderful view lake, double garage, immediately available!CALL US AT +39 393-9776981CLASSE ENERGETICA: G (D.M. 26/06/2015)...

300 mq
Cernobbio - € 1.980.000 - Rif. 154
Villa in VENDITA

COMO LAKE - Cernobbio 4-BEDROOMS VILLA with about 350m2 with view lake plus 2000m2 garden. Living room and fire-place, kitchen, 3bathrooms, garage for 4 cars, pool, terrace and elevator inside the villa.CALL US +39.393.9776981 CLASSE ENERGETICA: D (DL 192 del...

350 mq
Valsolda - € 650.000 - Rif. 712
Villa in VENDITA

LAKE LUGANO - VALSOLDA Very nice independent house with about 265sq.m. commercial surface and with 5 bedrooms ( 2double and 3 single room ), 3 bathrooms with bath and shower, 1 laundry, living room and kitchen ( furniture included on...

265 mq
Tremezzina - € 363.000 - Rif. 735-7B
Appartamento in VENDITA

LAKE COMO - 2-BEDROOM APARTMENT with 2 bathrooms, the living room and the kitchen. A balcony with about 7sqm.The private garage for one car and the private cellar with about 11sqm. Swimming pool on common parts.Apartment 78,5sqmBalcony 7,2sqmCellar 11,16sqmGarage 17,5sqmCALL...

91 mq
Valsolda - € 390.000 - Rif. 714
Appartamento in VENDITA

LUGANO LAKE - Very nice 3-BEDROOM APARTMENT, the kitchen, the living room, 2 bathrooms. Cellar and Garage. The apartment is furnished completely. The view is beautiful.CALL US +39 393 9776981CLASSE ENERGETICA: A (DL 192 del 19/08/05)INDICE PRESTAZIONE ENERGETICA (IPE)...

140 mq
Valsolda - € 260.000 - Rif. 686
Appartamento in VENDITA

VALSOLDA area, 2-BEDROOM apartment with 2 bathrooms with the bathtub, the private garden, the private garage and completely furnishedCALL US AT (+39) 393 9776981CLASSE ENERGETICA: G (D.M. 26/06/2015)...

125 mq
Grandola ed Uniti - € 290.000 - Rif. 744
Villa in VENDITA

Villa with the garden and with about 100m2 on the main floor, two double bedrooms, one bathroom with bath, living room with the fire place, the kitchnette, the studio and also in the basement fllor the garage, the laundry, the...

180 mq
Como - € 1.180.000 - Rif. 510
Villa in VENDITA

LAKE COMO close to Como town ( just 10 minute drive to Como town ) 3-BEDROOM VILLA with about 220m2 on two levels.3 bathrooms with jacuzzi, the living room and the kitchen. The parking car is for 4 cars and...

220 mq
Campione d'Italia - € 395.000 - Rif. 745
Appartamento in VENDITA

Beautiful Apartment with 2 double bedrooms, the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room and a nice covered terrace with about 13sqm. Also, the 12sqm private cellar, on the ground floor and the private parking for the car. Fully furnished...

80 mq
Porlezza - € 230.000 - Rif. 687
Appartamento in VENDITA

LAKE LUGANO - CIMA PORLEZZA 2-BEDROOM APARTMENT and 1 BATHROOM, the living room and kitchen and two terraces with very nice view lake. Furniture included on priceApartment 220.000Garage and Cellar 30.000Immediately available, call us +39 393-9776981CLASSE ENERGETICA: A (DL...

82 mq
Valsolda - € 226.000 - Rif. 736
Appartamento in VENDITA

VALSOLDA area - 2-BEDROOM Apartment with fantastic view lake, the bathroom with the bathtub, the kitchenette, the large living room with the terrace. The view is very nice.CALL US AT (+39) 393 9776981CLASSE ENERGETICA: G (DL 192 del 19/08/05)INDICE PRESTAZIONE...

70 mq
Porlezza - tratt. riservata - Rif. 688
Appartamento in VENDITA

PORLEZZA - Apartment with 3 bedrooms ( 2double and 1single bedroom ), 2 bathrooms, the kitchen and the living room. Garden and the covered porch. Private large garage and cellar. Energy efficiency. Lift.CALL TO US FOR MORE INFORMATION +39 393...

110 mq
Valsolda - € 410.000 - Rif. 747
Appartamento in VENDITA

VALSOLDA area, 5 minute walk to the lake. Nice apartment with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the living room with the fireplace, the kitchen. A nice private small garden and a beautiful covered terrace. The view lake is very nice.Price...

120 mq
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