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IL GLOBO Real Estate is Italian real estate agency in magnificent lake Como, lake Lugano, and Milan.

  • We specialize in various types of real estate and have many years of experience in working with local and foreign individuals.
    We select the right property from verified owners and developers and prepare all the documents to complete the buying and selling transaction. With our help, you can find the perfect accommodation for yourself and make a profitable investment in business.
  • We are located in the territory of our specializaion constantly.
    You can count on our services also after purchasing a property.
  • Our team is a group of experted architects, engineers, notaries, lawyers, and fiscal consultants.
    We provide full support in the acquisition, development and management of your real estate.
  • We are effective and reliable.
    You can rely on our confidentiality, responsibility and support in any real estate issues.


Luigi Borghi, il fondatore di Il Globo Real Estate


GLOBO Real Estate agency is independent, officially registered company that does not relate to any type of franchise, and is specialized in careful selection and sale of elite and residential properties, commercial projects located in prestigious areas of  Como lake and lake Lugano, including Campione d’Italia, as well as architecturally unique high-end property with special design and rare infrastructure in Italy.

Our agency is registered in MB Chamber of Commerce (Monza-Brianza) under the registration number 14481. Our agents are fully licensed and authorized to carry out all the necessary real estate operations in Italy.


Individual approach, liability, and reliability are our main principles that guide our work.

We are dedicated to providing quality customer service ensuring your purchase satisfaction.



Regulated licensing system established in Italy permits only the qualified specialists to perform activities of the real estate agent. Realtors have all necessary qualifications to ensure the accuracy of transactions and legal protection of the clients. The membership of the Professional Registry Agents and the patent issued by Italian Chamber of Commerce prove the broker to be the real estate agent and permit them to receive commission for the property transactions.

Real estate agents are protected by Italian legislature, according to the law passed on the 3rd of Feb. 1989, ministerial decrees issued on the 21st of Dec. 1990, n 452 and on the 26th of Oct. 2011, as well as the Government Circular 3648/C.

The realtor’s activities are:

  •  Protection of the interests and rights of the client
  •  Support and security of real estate transactions
  •  Protection of the client from any possible risks in negotiations about property
  •  Compliance with the conditions and terms of payments
  •  Successful transaction completion

Above listed functions distinguish an authorized realtor from other property broker. Persons or companies (including international companies) that do not meet these requirements are not authorized to receive commissions or any other kind of compensation.

According to the Italian legislature, the notary must validate the authenticity of the broker’s credentials and register their data in the charter of the real estate transaction to protect both sides: the Seller and the Buyer.

For professional liability, Italian law obliges the real estate agent to have a specific professional insurance policy like all orders.